When to Replace Your AC Filter Drier: A Guide

The refrigerant filter drier is an essential component of your air conditioning system, and it must be replaced every time the circuit is opened. Failure to replace the dryer receiver at the right time can damage other system components, so it's important to know when to look to replace it. We recommend doing this every 2 years or whenever the circuit has been opened. It's worth noting that if you don't replace the dryer when you change a compressor, you'll void warranty protection. The refrigerant filter drier works hard to prevent excess moisture from entering other parts of your air conditioning system.

Located on the high-pressure side of the AC circuit, the component stores lubricant and coolant and is responsible for filtering any debris circulating in the system, as well as absorbing moisture. These sealed systems are more reliable today than ever, but contamination still occurs, which is why a filter drier is so important. Knowing how an air conditioner filter works and how often it needs to be replaced will help you save money on repair service by avoiding a major breakdown before it happens. A working air conditioner dryer will absorb and filter these hazardous materials, allowing the sealed system to operate efficiently. Since even a small amount of dirt, water, or debris can wreak havoc on the sealed air conditioner system, you'll need to replace the filter drier every time the system is opened. The bottom line is that a malfunctioning refrigerant dryer filter can affect other parts of your air conditioning unit, so you should contact an HVAC technician for assistance with the dryer installation as soon as possible.

All filter driers should be replaced every 2 years or as recommended by the manufacturer.

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