How Often Should You Replace an AC Filter?

You should replace your air conditioner filter approximately every 90 days, if you don't have allergies, but AC professionals generally recommend it every 45 days for maximum efficiency. It is important to replace the filter with the correct size and type. If your air conditioner is working properly, you can remove the filter and buy one that is identical to it. Most air filter manufacturers and HVAC companies suggest changing your air filter every 90 days or 3 months. This may vary depending on the location of your home (e.g.

dry and dusty climates), if you have pets, and the age of your system and equipment. If you have pets in the house, you should consider changing the filter every 60 days or 2 months, and for households with multiple pets or people with allergies or respiratory conditions, we recommend changing the filter every 20-45 days. Vacation homes or vacant homes that don't have much use can expect to change filters every 9-12 months. The more you use your home, the more often you need to change the air filter. Fiberglass air filters are more affordable but less efficient at capturing dust and particles in the air.

They usually need to be changed every 30 days or less. Pleated air filters (such as those manufactured by FilterBuy) should be replaced every 90 days. As the filter traps more dirt, dust, and allergens from the air, its efficiency decreases. To determine if you should replace the filter more often, consider factors such as location, pets, age of system and equipment, allergies or respiratory conditions, and frequency of use. Vacation homes or vacant homes that don't have much use can expect to change filters every 9-12 months. The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommends using a high-quality air filter to reduce symptoms of allergies or respiratory conditions.

Air filters trap pet hair, dust, and other irritating particles so that the air conditioning system returns fresh, clean air to your home. When selecting a filter, consider its MERV rating and make sure it is compatible with your oven or air conditioner. The filters are usually inserted in a specific location inside the return air duct (usually a large pull-down ventilation in the hallway or other place in the house).In general, you'll need to change your HVAC filter every one to three months. However, if someone in your household has health problems such as asthma or allergies, you may need to do it more or less often.

After a period of smoky days with poor outdoor air quality, inspect the air filter to see if it needs to be replaced. If you live in a place where there are extreme temperatures and you find yourself using your HVAC most of the day to stay comfortable, you may need to change the filter more frequently as a result.

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