Does Carbon Filter Make a Difference?

HEPA filters and carbon filters are both effective at removing airborne pollutants, but they do so in different ways. HEPA filters are better at capturing larger physical particles such as pollen, dust mites, mold, and other allergens. Carbon filters, on the other hand, are more adept at eliminating odors, smoke, and other gaseous particles. Activated carbon filters are even more effective than regular carbon filters at removing contaminants from the air.

The amount of activated carbon in a filter can vary from one manufacturer to another, which affects its impurity removal capacity. Different manufacturers have their own unique “recipe” for the best carbon cabin air filter. Odors are another type of airborne pollutant that activated carbon filters can help eliminate from indoor airspace. Other air purifiers, such as mechanical air cleaners, can only filter particles and not odors from the air.

This is why carbon filters are the ideal choice for removing odors and other gaseous pollutants from the air. Unlike other air filtration technologies, carbon air filters work in a specific way to filter indoor air from pollutants, and this process is very different from other carbon competitors such as ionization, ozone, and HEPA filtration. HEPA air filters are highly effective at removing contaminants and pollutants from the air, and portable purifiers are not tied to the HVAC system, so there is no need to worry about damage to your home's air circulation system when using them. Traditional air filters work by trapping particles as air flows through the medium; however, in this case, traditional air filters use a fiberglass based filter to clean the air.

Some filters that are simply labeled “carbon” are made with blocks of carbon dust that are compressed and heated to create the filter. The main difference between a water filter that uses activated carbon and one that uses charcoal is in the filter materials themselves. Even if you use an efficient pleated air filter in your home, charcoal air filters will provide you with benefits. Activated carbon water filters can be effective, but a high-quality activated carbon filter is a great option to provide your family with the safe, high-quality water they deserve. When selecting an air filter, there are several factors to consider.

Activated carbon air filters are highly porous substances that attract and retain organic chemicals within the filter medium. Many manufacturers also use this chemical additive in carbon filters to help provide the filter with a longer filter life for those customers who do not want to change their filters more frequently. A charcoal air filter is a specialized household air filter that is designed to remove odors, gases, and chemicals from the air. The carbon filtration process is designed to effectively capture a large volume of contaminants within your filtered media, with each piece of carbon designed to provide a large section of surface area to allow contaminants to have the greatest exposure to the filter media. The EnviroKlenz HVAC filter uses this patented terrestrial mineral technology to give the filter its ability to filter and remove harmful and toxic odors and chemicals from the air, completely destroying these contaminants rather than storing them in filter media such as carbon filters. Traditional air filters have been the most common type of air filter on the market for a long time; however, carbon air filters are becoming increasingly popular among those who have additional concerns about air quality and purification.

Some carbon filters are made with pure carbon while others (the vast majority of carbon filters) are constructed with chemical additives that make charcoal filter media larger and more porous so it can contain and trap contaminants in its media.

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