Can a Clogged Cabin Air Filter Affect Your AC System?

Believe it or not, the cabin filter can have a strong impact on your air conditioning system and the power of your vehicle. If the filter is clogged, you may need to turn on the air conditioner, which can cause a strain on the system due to increased energy consumption and voltage overloads. The cabin air filter works to improve indoor air quality by filtering out pollutants, such as dust, insects, leaves, and other debris. If the filter is clogged, it can reduce the air flow of the air conditioner and make the cabin feel warmer.

The air conditioner has to work harder as a result of reduced airflow, which can eventually cause the fan motor to fail completely. Poor airflow from your vehicle's interior ventilation grilles is a definite warning sign that your air filter needs some repairs or replacements. Rich White, Executive Director of the Car Care Council, makes a strong case for cabin air filter replacement when he tells us: “Checking the cabin air filter is a simple preventive maintenance step that goes a long way in protecting passengers, as well as the vehicle's HVAC system. If you notice any unusual odors coming from your vehicle's ventilation grilles, it may be a sign that the cabin air filter needs to be replaced.

One of the first and surest signs that a cabin air filter needs to be replaced is reduced airflow in the ventilation grilles.” A soft, healthy fan noise is an indicator that the cabin air filter and air conditioning system are in good condition. A faulty filter can mean inadequate cabin air, affect air quality, and cause the AC system to consume more energy, among other effects. It's best to replace the cabin air filter after using it for a couple of years, as it won't work in the best way.

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